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Spring in Fitzgerald Class

In science this half term, we have been learning about growing plants.  We planted some sunflower seeds in a cup. After they had germinated, we took them home to plant in a bigger pot or a garden.

In art, we learnt about Vincent Van Gogh and looked at some of his sunflower paintings.

We were so inspired by them that we decided to make our own sunflower pictures.

In literacy, we used adjectives to write about sunflowers. Here are some examples:

‘The petals are as bright as the sun.’’ Gilbert

“The seeds are as dark as midnight.” Eleanor

“The leaves are  green and shiny like emeralds.” Francesca and Quinn.

We are also quite excited about visiting Highgate Wood next week as we will be going on a guided plant and animal hunt.


We will let you know if we find anything interesting.



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