What am I

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4 Responses to What am I

  1. lauren says:

    i liked how you did a sort of comfusion
    and you did something noone normaly does a riddle sort of

  2. Senem says:

    Is it wind? :S
    Senem Devonshire Hill

  3. Jessica says:

    Is it hail?

  4. Grace (Bodsham primary school, Kent) says:

    Hi Ryan,
    You have a have a talent of riddles and poems. You have a talent of making people very confused in a fun way. But this time you have gone over the top. I like it when you say ‘i’m not cats or dogs’ because they are linked in such a strange way. They are linked because people say it’s raining cats and dogs. I think I have an answer for the first. Are you the water cycle? The second i’m not so sure about but is it hail? I knormaly follow up the same lines as Jessica so I agree with her. Do more of these. They are really good.


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