We thought about our blog rules as a class and all agreed on the following rules. Do you agree with them? Do you think we left any out?

Everyone is welcome to contribute to the blog as long as they follow our rules:

  1. We respect each other’s work. Always be polite.
  2. We leave helpful comments that allow people to improve their writing.
  3. We should use appropriate language and not use slang as the blog is part of our school work. The blog is not a chat room.
  4. We never reveal personal details on the blog. We only use our first names.
  5. We should never post photos or links to other websites unless we have permission from our teacher.
  6.  We should never pretend to be someone else on the blog.

14 Responses to Blogging guidelines

  1. laila and Jude says:

    we thought that these guidelines were very good , because they were very strick . We
    thought you could add good fedback.

  2. Rafi, Raphael and Louis.C.B says:

    Hello Mrs Cohen,
    We think your guidelines are very good and straight-forward but we think you need to include some of the other golden rules. Such as: We are kind and we work hard. Thank you very much.

  3. can says:

    I agree on the guidelines because they set a good example to us chrildren

  4. Jake and Louis S says:

    Very helpful guidlines. Easy to understand and will definetely help pupils know what they should and shouldn’t be writing. There are a few rules that should be added for everyones sake. Here are a few of ours…
    1. Always write our best in comments and posts.
    2. Care about your writing and be persistant.
    3. Accept your comments and be prepared to get feedback.

  5. Niyusha and Imogen says:

    These guidelines are very sensible, but maybe you could add to think before you write a comment. Aswell as editing and improving your work before you post it!

  6. Anna W and Grace D says:

    We think these guide lines are very fair and posotive. But we think that you could add that you could include Edit your work before you post work.

  7. Alexandra & Jesse says:

    We think that the guidlines are very fair and very good so no one can be horrid or mean while blogging. Also people can give other people advise on there english work and it will help us in the future.

  8. Freya and Zoe says:

    We realy liked how we set the guid lines out although We thought it was a bit complecated to read, but we thought we did very well with it however we could of done a few more rules , we missed out some quite important ones like be polite.

  9. Alice, Anna and Mia says:

    Hello Mrs Cohen ,
    We think these are very fair rules but you could have included a few more.
    1. We are honest
    2. We work hard
    3. Don’t ignore advise

  10. Sophie and Beatrix says:

    We think that the guidelines are very fair.
    We also think it is really good is because they explain everything you need to know.

  11. Jamie Alex C says:

    I think these are basically the rules but i think you dropped out: if someone critisizes you in a bad way don’t reply.

  12. Joseph and Alex S says:

    We think the rules are good and fair.We also really liked the way they were set out.We also think the rules should include: only post sensible comments.

  13. C47FD says:

    Hello Mrs Cohen,

    I think we all set great guidelines and they are
    good and fair. None of them should
    be changed.

    from Liam

  14. Annette Lawson says:

    Would it be a good idea also to check spelling?

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